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Superheroes of export

By Export Council of Australia · May 02, 2013

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Even in these tough times for exporters there are some outstanding success stories to inspire the industry.
With a persistently high dollar, continuing ramifications of the GFC and increasingly high costs of doing business in Australia, it is sometimes quite refreshing to be able to focus on the positive success stories.  

On the 14th May at Government House in Melbourne, His Excellency the Hon Alex Chernov AC QC will officially present the 2013 Australian Export Heroes Awards to seven outstanding Australians.

“There are many facets to developing our export culture in Australia. As well as adding to the growth of international trade in Australia, the Export Heroes have contributed to Australia's image as a progressive member of the international business community and are role models for future generations of Australian exporters.” Ian Murray AM, Executive Director, Export Council of Australia

Taking a company to export success, as most established exporters can testify, is no small feat and for Australian companies they have an even bigger mountain to climb, given our location. Which is why, just over ten years ago the Australian Export Heroes Awards were created by a group who believed in acknowledging the efforts of those hard working people, who often spend years building their companies and taking them to global success while also supporting Australian industry.

“People who receive an export hero award have fought and won on the international stage. Technically smart, creative and hard working they are able to show the world that Australian’s can not only do anything, but can do it as well and often better than anybody else.” Ian Murray AM, Executive Director, Export Council of Australia

We salute these individuals who have taken on the world and won: 

Noel Carty - Starena Group

Noel Carty is the Managing Director of Starena Group, a company that commenced business operations servicing the stadium, event and indoor arena industry in Australia and New Zealand. After the successful completion of major projects for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Noel decided to capitalise on the experience and pursue other major projects overseas. The company now has over 30 distributors worldwide and offices in Cairo, Athens and London which all report back to the head office in Gosford, NSW. 

Michael Crouch AO – Zip Industries 

When Michael took control of a small Sydney manufacturer of domestic water heaters in 1962, little did he suspect that within the next 51 years his enterprise would grow to be the world leader in a highly innovative and rapidly advancing product category – instant boiling water. Michael Crouch has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades over the years and is described as a visionary, entrepreneur and innovator. Zip Industries products are now in use in over 65 countries worldwide.

Robert Dal Sasso – Ecotech 

Robert Dal Sasso and his wife Judy founded Ecotech in their backyard in 1976. From this humble beginning, Robert’s passion for air quality monitoring has led him to successfully grow the company over the last 35 years to become a global player in environmental instrumentation. Ecotech today employ over 100 people and exports to over 60 countries worldwide.

Amanda Hicks - Auto-Bake Pty Ltd

Auto-Bake was founded in 1960 by Kevin and Evelyne Hicks, Amanda’s Parents, in Hornsby on Sydney’s North Shore. Since its foundation, and largely thanks to the hard work and leadership of Amanda, Auto-Bake has evolved from a small time manufacturer in the retail food industry to an international player in the industrial ovens and baking industry, exporting ovens to over 25 countries worldwide. 

Souhel Khanania – Industrial Engineering Technology

Souhel left high school in year 10 to start an apprenticeship with Smiths Chips, which he successfully completed in 1979. Since this time Souhel has used his intelligence, drive and determination to build himself an award winning international business, Industrial Engineering Technology. Souhel has experienced huge success exporting his industrial burners and ovens to the snack food industry in Asia and North America. His products are renowned for being reliable, excellent quality and highly efficient, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

David Lock – Craig Mostyn Group

David Lock became CEO of Craig Mostyn Group in 2004 and is responsible for the company’s successful restructure, making it more efficient and flexible, as well as an award winning business that competes on the international stage.  David’s leadership skills and strategic thinking, coupled with his drive and energy. The Craig Mostyn Group runs three major export divisions in: Meat & Livestock, Recycling & CM Foods, with the notable standout being the increase in pork export sales into Singapore.

Noel Robinson – Noel Robinson Architects  

With over 40 years’ experience in architecture, Noel Robinson has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades. He has been recognized in Australia and overseas for setting benchmarks in innovative architecture, interior design and urban planning. Noel’s experience and expertise is demonstrated through the large number of internationally successful projects he has delivered across a broad range of disciplines and throughout all corners of the globe.  Noel Robinson Architects currently maintains offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Muscat and Noosa, with associate offices in Shenzhen, Auckland and Townsville. 

 “Whether from big established business or from the family farm or factory, they all deserve special recognition for their vision, passion and sheer hard work. We thank them for their unique contribution and we thank their families for their support in what has undoubtedly been an interesting journey.” 

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