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Australian Export Awards Winners Announced

By Export Council of Australia · November 28, 2013

Recognition of the key businesses boosting Australia’s international trade


This year’s Australian Export Awards served to recognise and encourage the businesses across Australia that are driving international trade within different industry sectors.

 Finalists included a range of businesses from various locations across Australia and from different backgrounds with the common theme of international business success. All 76 finalists demonstrated strong leadership in an increasingly complex international landscape following the GFC and, together, they account for over $9 billion in export sales and 22 000 jobs nationally.

 "On behalf of the Export Council of Australia, I would like to congratulate all of the winners of the 12 National Awards categories at the 51stAustralian Export Awards. The winners were selected from 76 finalists in a broad range of business categories. All the finalists have shown that innovation, commitment and sheer hard work can pay off, even when the Aussie Dollar is high and global markets are weak. The 51stNational Export Awards winners all deserve our heartiest congratulations, and our thanks.” – Ian Murray, Executive Chairman - Export Council of Australia

 Congratulations to the following 12 winners for their outstanding international success in their respective categories:

  • Walnuts Australia (Agribusiness Award)
  • RightShip (Business Services Award)
  • Animal Logic (Creative Industries Award)
  • Monash University (Education and Training Award)
  • Ecotech (Environmental Solutions Award)
  • Aspen Medical (Health and Biotechnology Award)
  • LeadBolt (Information and Communication Technology Award)
  • Cardno (Infrastructure and Construction Award)
  • RØDE Microphones (Manufacturing Award)
  • Otraco International (Minerals and Energy Award)
  • Tasmanian Quality Meats (Regional Exporter Award)
  • SWA Water Australia (Small Business Award)


The Export Council of Australia would particularly like to congratulate the NSW winners this year, Animal Logic, LeadBolt, RØDE Microphones and SWA Water Australia, for representing NSW nationally through their excellent performance in exports.

 “The four winners from the Premier’s NSW Export Awards: Animal Logic, LeadBolt, RØDE Microphones & SWA Water Australia, highlight that through a combination of both business and technological innovation Australian companies can take on the world and win.” - Lisa McAuley, Chief Operating Officer - Export Council of Australia

 The company profiles of the national winners have been provided below:

 Walnuts Australia (

Walnuts Australia (WA), a division of Webster Limited, is Australia’s fourth oldest business and its largest grower, processor and exporter of walnuts. WA executes an export-led growth model for its efficient, vertical integrated operation encompassing production, processing, sales and marketing. In 2012-13, 83 percent of its walnut sales were derived from exports. The company targets sophisticated northern hemisphere markets where in season Australian walnuts command premium prices. In 2012-13, export sales were valued at over $13.3 million, a 38 percent increase from the previous financial year and derived from markets across the EU, North Asia and the Middle East.

 RightShip (

Melbourne company RightShip provides the world’s most comprehensive online marine and environmental risk management system, enabling customers to identify in advance the 20 percent of substandard operators who account for approximately 50 percent of total casualties. In 2012, RightShip removed 1,158 vessels from customer supply chains. RightShip has customers in 40 countries, undertakes ship inspections in 114 countries and generates 84 percent of its revenue outside of Australia. The company also offers an energy efficient rating alongside its risk rating to address the more than 70,000 ships currently in service that contribute to over one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually.

 Animal Logic (

Animal Logic is one of the world’s most respected digital production studios, producing award-winning design, animation and visual effects for the film and television industries. Its film credits include Happy Feet, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, The Great Gatsby, The Matrix Trilogy, 300, Moulin Rouge, and House of Flying Daggers. Animal Logic recently completed production on BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs 3D (2013) and is currently in production on The LEGO Movie (2014). With studios in Sydney and Los Angeles, Animal Logic continues to forge new partnerships with leading studios and filmmakers, developing and producing stories that will resonate with audiences around the world.

 Monash University (

Valued at $4.4 billion in 2012, Monash is the largest university in Victoria, with over 630,000 students. In 2012-13, Monash increased its international student numbers to 22,089, generating more than $385 million in export revenue. The University has nine campuses, including locations in Malaysia, South Africa, India and China. It also has a teaching centre in Italy and a major strategic alliance with Warwick University in the UK. Its wholly owned subsidiary company, Monash College P/L, generates over $55 million in exports annually and offers students alternative academic pathways through its extensive network presence in China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Singapore. 

 Ecotech (

Founded in 1976 to service instrumentation used in the Australian air quality monitoring market, Ecotech soon started developing its own brand of instrumentation and software. Since 1989, Ecotech has been exporting and installing environmental monitoring instrumentation and systems. Today it exports over $10 million in air quality monitoring instrumentation, climate change research instruments and software. Some highlights from the last year include their first international contract to manage an air quality monitoring network in Saudi Arabia as well as significant increases in sales into the scientific research marketing in Europe, North America, China and India.

Aspen Medical (

Aspen Medical was founded to provide the highest quality healthcare in remote, challenging and under-resourced areas where there is high demand. Aspen’s success in reducing orthopedic and dental waiting lists in the UK led to export opportunities closer to home. In 2004, Aspen began providing primary healthcare and surgery clinics to AFP and Defence personnel in the Solomon Islands. Export expansions into the UK, US, Canada, Timor-Leste, PNG and the Middle East followed. In 2013, Aspen delivered first-line emergency response training to every Australian Defence Force member deploying to Afghanistan and developed an innovative modular medical solution to UAE military.

 LeadBolt (

LeadBolt is an award-winning mobile advertising network focused on delivering innovative solutions for Windows 8, iOS and Android app developers and mobile advertisers. Originally based out of Sydney, LeadBolt has grown to 45 staff in Australia and the US and is now ranked the third most used ad network for Android apps. LeadBolt serves 5 billion ads per month to its customer base of over 40,000 apps. In 2013, LeadBolt achieved exceptional growth in export sales in 129 countries, served over 50 billion ads for export clients and was a finalist in several international industry awards.

 Cardno (

Cardno is a professional infrastructure and environmental services company with expertise in the development and improvement of the physical and social environment. Its international projects range from restoration efforts in the Gulf of Mexico, oversight of elections in PNG, business skills programs for women in Zambia and hydro-electric power in Ecuador. Originating from Brisbane, Australia, Cardno has evolved to become a significant global business. Today, Cardno employs 8,000 staff, almost 6,000 of whom are dedicated to international business development and project delivery across 85 countries. Over the past three years international revenue has increased more than threefold to over $550 million.  

 RØDE Microphones (

RØDE Microphones designs and manufactures microphones and related accessories for use in live, location and studio applications. Products are designed for consumers through to professional customers via the company’s distribution network of 76 international distributors and over 2,000 retail dealers in 108 global territories. In the past twelve months the company has diversified into software development, with a field recorder for Apple’s popular iOS devices, released in January 2013. In 2012-2013,  almost 350,000 microphones were shipped overseas, a 30 percent increase on 2011-12. 

 Otraco International (

Otraco is the leading mining tyre management company in Australia and throughout southern hemisphere mining markets, particularly South America and southern Africa. Otraco exports intellectual property, software and management skills that help mine operators enhance productivity, reduce costs and improve safety outcomes. Its customer base includes most of the top ten mining companies in the world and some of the world’s largest mines. In the past three years Otraco has achieved substantial overseas revenue growth and increased its overseas staff from 150 to just under 500. Its proprietary Otracom software now has over 3,000 direct users in markets spanning Russia, India, the US, Botswana, Chile and Europe.

 Tasmanian Quality Meats (

Based in Cressy, Tasmanian Quality Meats (TQM) is a regional Tasmanian export success story. It has gone from no export sales in the 2011 financial year to approximately $12 million for the 2013 financial year and has grown its workforce from 20 to 75 over the same period, making it a major employer within its region. TQM currently processes Tasmanian lamb, mutton and veal for the domestic market and increasingly for export markets such as the UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Bahrain by developing a light (15kg) lamb product processed to Halal requirements. Vietnam is another new export market.   

 SWA Water Australia (

SWA Water Australia Pty Ltd designs and manufactures industrial waste water plants. Its products and plants are now operating in approximately 20 countries. Last year, 75 percent of SWA’s sales came from export work, resulting in a significant increase in the company’s revenue and a doubling of the company’s profit. In the last 12 months, SWA Water Australia has successfully completed export projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and the UAE. Its projects have spanned power stations, an oil refinery gas condensate plant, the food industry, an airport, a gold mine and car manufacturing plants.




Lisa McAuley: M: 0430 172458 or B: 02 8243 7410

Ian Murray: M: 0438 230 245 or B: 02 8243 7410

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