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Upcoming ECA events: save the date

By Export Council of Australia · April 08, 2014

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Please check out the ECA's upcoming events calendar and mark the date in your calendar.

15-Apr-2014: Doing Business in sub-Saharan Africa: the Good, the Bad & the Downright Exciting!

01-May-2014: FLEx Who's who in the export zoo: Not For Profits

17-Jun-2014: A guide to export assistance: grants for dummies

03-Jul-2014: FLEx Export Finance 101: Trade Finance (What? Where? How?)

08-Jul-2014: Market briefing: India

05-Aug-2014: Market Briefing: USA

07-Aug-2014: FLEx Export Finance 101: Government Assistance for Exporters

02-Sep-201: Market Briefing: UK

04-Sep-2014: FLEx Export Finance 101: The role of EFIC

02-Oct-2014: FLEx Ask the exporter & See it in action: Agribusiness/Food

07-Oct-2014: Market Briefing: Malaysia

04-Nov-2014: Market Briefing: Indonesia

06-Nov-2014: FLEx Ask the exporter: Services

27-Nov-2014: Infrastructure and trade: what is being done and how does it impact on Australia’s competitiveness?

04-Dec-2014: FLEx See it in action: Port of Melbourne

Please visit our events page, for further information on how to register.

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