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Put your company forward to get recognised
 as a NSW export champion

By Export Council of Australia · May 07, 2014

Having previously explored entering the Premier's NSW Export Awards we know that you are aware of how important recognising your export success can be for your international business.

It is that time of the year, when I personally invite you to please consider putting your client’s company forward to be benchmarked against your peers and join the export elite by entering into the running for a NSW Export Awards.

This year marks the start of a new chapter in the history of the Awards, with the introduction of new and more commercially relevant award categories, as well as an updated application form, which will make applying for an award in 2013 easier than ever!

We strongly encourage you to apply online today to be in the running to receive an Export Award.

Key Information:

Applications open: 1 May 2014

Support webinars: July

Awards application review and feedback: May-August

Application close: 18 August 2014

Awards presentation: 23 October


Applying for the Awards, especially for the first time, can be challenging so to ensure your application has the best chance of winning, the Export Council of Australia offers the following support options.

  • Application Guidelines: please click here to download our award guidelines.
  • Webinars: the ECA run webinars that will assist you with preparing the best possible application while reviewing your current global business strategy. Webinars will run every Tuesday in July from 9am -10am so register today and take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Student Interns: collaborating with the ECA’s University partners, we can assign you an excellent International Business Student Intern to help you with the process of writing your application. Please take advantage of this free resource!
  • Review: we are happy to review your application and provide feedback and comments. Please e-mail us your draft copy and we will provide you with our feedback.
  • Support line: we are here to help, please e-mail or call us with any queries you might have; our contact details are at the bottom.

Contact Information

Kristen Mulligan
Project Manager
Export Council of Australia
Ph: 02 8243 7400
Mobile: 043 301 1904
Fax: 02 9251 6492
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