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META Deregulation Hub formed to quantify the cost of export regulation

By Export Council of Australia · August 22, 2014

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META, a collaborative network of engaged manufacturing businesses and researchers, together with the Export Council of Australia (ECA) will launch an important collaboration Hub next month to address the topic of deregulation.

The META Deregulation Hub has been established byMETA and ECA to connect manufacturing businesses together with industry experts to identify and quantify the regulatory costs imposed on exports and the impact this has on Australian manufacturing companies.

By undertaking extensive consultation with industry,METAand theECAaim to obtain ‘bottom up’ information on the cost impact of export red-tape.  A critical first step for the hub is to undertake research into the regulatory costs imposed on individual exporters in getting their goods approved for export.

The research project will quantify the cost of the export regulations to members and then identify areas of unnecessary red tape that could be eliminated, resulting in reduced compliance costs.  Once analysed, the insights will aim to support and improve management and workforce capability, assist manufacturers and related businesses in communicating and marketing their capabilities, improving linkages to overseas businesses and global supply chains and fostering environments where businesses can collaborate to achieve growth.

To help in this critical first step we are calling on companies to participate in the research by completing a questionnaire to help gather data forMETAand theECA.  The survey will ask questions about current barriers to trade, including regulations and the costs of specific processes which impede trade for Australian manufactures. 

We welcome your participation in the survey and your future involvement in this important collaboration Hub. To become involved in the Hub, please contact Collins Rex at

The Hub will be officially launched on Thursday 18th September 2014, but survey responses are welcome now.  If you'd like your voice heard on the issue of deregulation, contact us to complete the survey,  email Stacey Mills-Smith at for details. 

Further information on the Hub will be available closer to the launch date on the ECA website, and on the META website,

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