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META/ ECA Deregulation Hub

By Export Council of Australia · August 27, 2014

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The Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce Australia (META) and The Export Council of Australia (ECA) have established a Deregulation Hub , with the purpose of producing an Agenda for Action to inform Government on the streamlining of regulation that inhibits the ability of Australia manufacturers to compete internationally.  APEC research ranks Australia 3rd out of the 20 APEC economies examined in terms of the weight of the burden of regulation on its merchandise exports and imports.

As part of this process, ECA and META have commissioned ITS Global to conduct, on their behalf, a survey of the impact of regulation on the sector’s international competitiveness.  Considering your role as a member of the manufacturing community, your organisation would make an excellent survey subject.

Your response is crucial in providing the Deregulation Hub project with the information needed to identify and cut the ‘red and green tape’ and excessive regulation that is inhibiting the development of manufacturing exports.

ITS Global has designed the survey to be able to be completed quickly and easily.  Most of the required answers can be given by simply ticking the box provided.  If the relevant information is on hand, the survey should be completed in less than 10 minutes.

If you click on this hyperlink , you will be redirected to the online questionnaire, which is being used as the basis for an interview.  You can use this to prepare for the interview should you decide to participate in the survey.  At the interview, a member of the survey team will record your answers to each of these questions and any further information that you may wish to provide on the issues in question.  This method will allow for a deeper engagement.

ITS Global will treat all individual survey responses as confidential.  It will only provide a de-identified report on each response to the ECA and META.  Please refer to the META privacy policy and data usage rights for further information.

Either Stacey Mills-Smith (ECA) or Tyler McDonald (ITS Global) will contact you shortly to confirm your participation in the survey and to make an appointment for the interview if you are willing to proceed.  In the meantime, should you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact either Stacey (02 8243 7460) or Tyler (03 9620 3400).

Yours sincerely,

Lisa McAuley                                    

Chief Operations Officer                  

Export Council of Australia                 


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