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Joining forces will reap rewards for Australia's exporting community: Trade and Investment Ministers adopt 'Team Australia' approach

By Export Council of Australia · September 22, 2014

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Australian exporters will benefit from greater state and federal collaboration on trade promotion activity and a stronger ‘Team Australia’ approach says the Export Council of Australia.

Recent research by the Export Council of Australia, which is soon to be released, shows that Australia has room to improve when to comes to the development and execution of a national trade promotion strategy.

Chief Operations Officer for the Export Council of Australia Lisa McAuley says a cohesive approach is a step in the right direction and the need for more collaboration between the state and federal government trade promotion agencies has been evident for some time. To see action being taken is extremely positive for the Australian export community.

“A strong ‘Team Australia’ approach, created partly through the development of joint promotional events and business missions, will help create clarity in international markets and give companies the best chance of succeeding, Ms McAuley said.

A review of the Export Council of Australia’s Trade Policy Recommendation that went before Canberra in late 2013 shows two of the five key issues state a need for a Team Australia approach to ensure long-term sustainable strategies and a stronger trade voice in our economic policy setting.

View the recent media release from the Hon Andrew Robb- Trade and Investment Minister by clicking here and let us know what you think of the annoucement.

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