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Export Voice Magazine: September 2014 edition

By Export Council of Australia · November 04, 2014

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What an exciting time to be an Australian exporter. The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has affirmed his commitment to the export community by immediately embarking on a series of overseas visits to some of Australia’s most critical trading partners and securing new trade agreements with Korea and Japan.

This has given the Australian export community a clear indication of the importance the new government places on exports and trade. With the prospect of a free trade agreement with China on the horizon, as well as generally more
buoyant and positive economic conditions, Australia’s exporters have much to look forward to.

In this, the second issue of Australia’s Export Voice, we explore the importance of a strong domestic trade policy agenda for our nation, with a special focus on the education sector as a current and future driver of export growth. Click here to download the latest edition.

We also take a look at the immense opportunity for Australian exporters involved in infrastructure in Asia. As many Asian nations urbanise and develop, they will require massive infrastructure projects – ports, roads and rail being just
three examples. Many businesses in Australia will be able to take advantage of this opportunity and we talk to experts to find out how they can do just that.

We also profile the winners of the 2013 Australian Export Awards, and talk to ECA Export Hero Barry Thomas, CEO of Cook Medical. This pioneering business develops and manufactures innovative medical devices. The company
was most recently awarded the Health and Biotechnology Award at the 2013 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards. According to Thomas one of the reasons why it has been so successful is the absolute focus on patient health.

Another Export Hero we feature in this issue is Robert Dal Sasso, founder and CEO of Ecotech, a hugely successful environmental monitoring business. Dal Sasso explains the strategy was always to tap into export markets, and
exports now make up 40 per cent of all sales.

We’re also privileged to have James Emmett, global head of trade and receivables finance at HSBC explain the three catalysts that are generating trade in Asia: the west’s trade orientation, the burgeoning middle class and the growing importance of the renminbi.

Don’t forget to check out our fascinating exploration of the opportunity for export and trade between Poland and Australia, as well as the Postcard from Warsaw, which has all the inside information you need to have a great
time in this captivating city.

We are also pleased to be able to bring you Dianne Tipping’s tips on the ins and outs of airfreighting goods, as well as loads of photos of Australia’s leading exporters at some recent functions, and a full list of all the important upcoming
export events happening across the country.

I do hope you enjoy this issue. Click here to download the latest edition.

Ali Caan- Editor of the Export Council of Australia's Export Voice magazine

Click here to download the latest edition.

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