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ECA launch new look magazine: International Business Today

By Export Council of Australia · December 10, 2014

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We’re delighted to bring you the final issue of the Export Council of Australia’s (ECA’s) member magazine for 2014. You’ll notice we’ve changed our masthead from Australia’s Export Voice to International Business Today. Although our name has changed, what remains the same is our commitment to keeping you up-to-date with everything happening in Australia’s export markets.

Our cover story this issue looks at opportunities for Australian exporters in Indonesia, following the election of Joko Widodo as president earlier this year. It will be fascinating to watch Australia’s commercial relationship with our nearest Asian neighbour change and deepen in the coming years, which will hopefully provide further opportunities for Australian exporters in that market. Indonesia does face challenges as its economy matures, especially when it comes to building infrastructure. Australia has an opportunity to be an important element in how the country will address those issues, as you can read about here.

We also examine the red tape that’s currently holding back local manufacturing exporters from achieving their full potential in international markets. ECA is presently conducting research with the Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce of Australia (META) to find out where the pain points are for exporters in manufacturing industries. Studies such as this play an important part in resolving the blockages that make it hard for manufacturers to access
export markets. Click here to read

This issue, we find out about The Smith Family’s export program, a key part of its ability to raise funds to support disadvantaged Australians. We explore how Australia’s competition and innovation agenda will benefit exporters. You’ll also find a full rundown on the Export Awards in this issue. Congratulations to all the exporters recognised in this year’s awards. I hope you enjoy this issue. Click to download.

Alexandra Cain, editor- International Business Today

Official magazine of the Export Council of Australia

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