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Final week to tell us your views which could change the landscape of International Business

By Export Council of Australia · December 10, 2014

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The Australia's International business survey is now the largest study into international business behaviour in Australia and the results and subsequent insights of which were and will continue to be used to drive the agenda needed to support the future of Australia’s international business.

As a result of businesses contribution to the survey last year, here is just a snap shot of what the ECA has been doing:

  • Redeveloping our education programs to provide more online courses that address the main barriers that exporters identified in last year's AIBS survey
  • Developing peer to peer mentoring opportunities for companies as identified by exporters in last year's AIBS survey and the recent focus groups held across Australia
  • Launching a new program of events aimed at demystifying how to do business in the top 10 markets you identified in last year's AIBS survey.
  • Launching the ECA 's Trade Policy Recommendations to prioritise and promote trade and investment in Australia.

And we are not standing still, we ask that you please help us once again this year, particularly as the Export Market Development Grant scheme is up for review next year and your feedback on EMDG will be an important part of this review process.

By participating in the second annual AIBS survey, you are voicing your opinion and providing valuable input for future planning.

Your input is extremely valuable as we can’t plan if we don’t know the facts!

Please click here to start the survey >

If you have already received a notification you have completed the survey please ignore my email request!

Thank you in advance for helping us with the survey, your assistance is most appreciated.

Link to AIBS survey:

For any queries please contact:

 Lisa McAuley

Chief Operations Officer

Export Council of Australia

Ph: 02 8243 7410

Fax: 02 9251 6492



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