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10 Quick Questions on EMDG as part of the examination of the effectiveness of the EMDG scheme

By Export Council of Australia · February 19, 2015

The Export Council of Australia (ECA), in conjunction with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), is undertaking a very quick, 5-minute survey on the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) scheme as part of the Government's Review, which will be a comprehensive examination of the effectiveness of the EMDG scheme. Written submissions are due on the 28th February although the review will be carried out from January to June 2015.

Our organisations will be making a submission on behalf of our members and welcome input from the export community.

We strongly encourage exporters to put forward their own individual submissions.

It is vital that exporting businesses have the opportunity to share their own unique insights and opinions given they are the ones the scheme exists to benefit and you can help us by undertaking the "10 Quick Questions on EMDG” survey.

We would appreciate you taking 5-minutes to provide us with your input. Click here to start >

Should you have any queries regarding the EMDG review please do not hesitate to contact: Stacey Mills-Smith at if you would like to share your thoughts on the EMDG scheme.

Kind regards

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