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International Business Today: Autumn Issue

By Export Council of Australia · February 24, 2015

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I was staggered when I read the data in the just-released Why Australia: benchmark report. Although Australia accounts for just 0.3 per cent of the world’s total population, ours is the 13th largest economy internationally. This statistic demonstrates how important trade is to our country’s ongoing success.

This is of course something that has been recognised by successive governments and right now, we’re in a golden era for the formation of bilateral trade agreements between our country and some of the most important emerging markets in the world.

So it’s fitting that the commitment by Australia and China to enter into a free-trade agreement is featured in our cover story this issue. The deal means it will be much easier to do business between China and Australia. It will also reduce costs for importers and exporters and make Australian products more competitive in this massive Asian market.

The deal was one of the bi-products of the highly successful G20 meeting held last year in Brisbane. Our second feature explores the flow-on effects of this historic meeting. One of the really interesting outcomes was an agreement between Tasmania and China’s major fruit growing regions, the Shaanxi province. Although this was an immediate positive to come out of the meeting, expect there to be benefits from the meeting for Australian importers and exporters for many years to come.

This issue, we also profile two important Australian export success stories. Home grown gaming business Halfbrick is poised to achieve one billion downloads of its games this year. And GP Graders is in the midst of a massive global expansion program of its incredible technology that makes it substantially more efficient and profitable to grade and pack cherries.

Austrade trade commissioner Chris Rodwell explores the potential for Australian companies to do business in Mexico. It might not be at the top of many exporting business’s lists, but there are actually a huge number of opportunities for local exporters in this extremely populous country. Chris also shares his local knowledge of the best places to eat and experience in Mexico City. It certainly had me imaging booking a trip there.

If you’re thinking about making a foray into the US, Ian Smith’s examination of this massive market is a must-read. Steven Fornasaro’s article on the practicalities of doing business offshore is also essential reading.

Finally, The Airport Economist Tim Harcourt’s tips about doing business in Taiwan will have you dreaming about booking an extended stay at Taipei ’s iconic Grand Hotel.

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Ali Cain
International Business Today
Export Council of Australia

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