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Mexico and Australia: new era for natural partners

By Export Council of Australia · March 03, 2015

Few if any countries are executing as ambitious a reform program as Mexico right now. The program will prompt a transformation in international trade and investment for the country.

OECD secretary general Jose Angel Gurria commented in January that Mexico’s reform program is the most extensive and ambitious that had been seen in the OECD in recent times and possibly the most extensive and ambitious in the world. The OECD forecasts Mexico will average an additional one per cent growth per year for the next ten years. Should it implement other reforms it could arrive at an additional two per cent growth per year.

 The program encompasses energy, telecommunications, finance, tax, infrastructure, education and more. Add the prospect of theTrans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Mexico’s existing tranche of trade agreements, covering 45 different countries and including NAFTA and the Pacific Alliance, an enhanced commercial relationship between Australia and Mexico is almost certain. 

Read more in International Business Today Autumn 2015 Pages 22-24

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