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ECA helping Australian service providers understand market opportunities in Korea

By Export Council of Australia · March 20, 2015

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South Korea offers a wealth of untapped opportunity for Australian service providers, who now enjoy market access on par with the best access granted to any of Korea’s trading partners thanks to KAFTA.
Australian financial service providers can now do business in Korea without establishing a full commercial presence, allowing greater opportunity to take advantage of the country’s investment-hungry ageing population. An ageing population also makes Korea fertile ground for Australian health and aged care services.
KAFTA also introduces a number of firsts. It allows Australian accountants to provide Australian and international consulting services in Korea for the first time and allows legal service providers to establish offices, hire local lawyers and eventually enter into JVs.
South Korea boasts one of the highest broadband and mobile penetration rates in the world and is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics. This presents significant opportunity for Australian digital and mobile content providers, and KAFTA opens the door to wider distribution of Australian works.
The Export Council of Australia will be launching a report and guide for Australian service providers to access these opportunities and more created by KAFTA, with the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Australia-Korea Foundation and Austrade.

Look for the report and accompanying mobile app from July 2015.
For further information on the project, please contact: Niels Strazdins at
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