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Webinar Recording: Doing Business in the US Webinar Series: US Trade Show Success

By Export Council of Australia · April 02, 2015

In case you missed it live, here is the recording of our latest Doing business in the US webinar which covers everything you need to know about US trade shows and how to get the most out of exhibiting. 

Trade shows are still very much how business in done in the US and there is a show for every industry imaginable. If entering the market for the first time trade shows are a great way to generate interest in your products/services but you will need to keep coming back to be taken seriously. 

During this webinar, US trade show experts discussed: 

• The importance of trade shows in doing business in the US 
• How to get the most out of your participation? 
• Tips and traps of exhibiting 
• Company case studies 


Christine Ellis – Facet International 
John Benson – Davies Craig 

This webinar was organised by United States Connect and Export Council of Australia
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