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What has the ECA been doing to represent your business?

By Export Council of Australia · April 15, 2015

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One of the core functions of the Export Council of Australia (ECA) is trade policy advocacy. The team at the ECA continues to work hard to represent the challenges and opportunities facing Australia’s international trade community to Government. We do so by meeting with key government decision makers, providing submissions on issues directly relating to trade, facilitating engagement between exporters/importers and key decision makers, participating in industry advisory committees, as well as through our annual Trade Policy Recommendations document.

 Ultimately, with the support of its Trade Policy Committee and the National Advisory Council, the ECA aims to coordinate industry’s voice on the key issues affecting trade in order to facilitate positive outcomes for exporters and importers.

Click on the attached pdf to download a brief summary of what the ECA has been doing to assist its members and the broader international trade community thus far in 2015. 

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