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International Business Today: winter edition

By Export Council of Australia · June 05, 2015

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Welcome to the winter issue of International Business Today, which once again is jam-packed with fascinating stories to help you explore export markets. This time we will have a real focus on manufacturing, which is great news for a sector of the economy that has experienced its fair share of ups and downs.

For instance, a new trend is emerging in manufacturing called Industry 4.0. You can read all about it in our special feature on this exciting new concept, which involves harnessing new technologies to bring manufactured products to the market in a speedier and smarter fashion. It bodes well for local manufacturers, although more could be done to stimulate investment, research and development to help support businesses that have potential to profit from this trend.

We also look at the emergence of ‘massive online open courses’, more commonly known as MOOCs. In our feature, we explore their potential to be a disrupter in the education export sector. What’s most fascinating is the business case for the courses themselves is slim, but the products and services that are spun out of them have massive global potential.

This issue is also a bumper ‘Places’ and ‘Postcards’ edition. You might be familiar with our Places section, in which we explore the economic dynamics of a particular export market. This winter we’re featuring two countries – the United States and Germany – which fits nicely into our manufacturing theme given these two nations are some of the most advanced industrial countries. Our ‘Postcards’ section also highlights two cities, Chicago and Berlin. Reading about the exciting things to do in both vibrant towns almost had me booking a plane ticket to see them first-hand.

You might remember last issue we introduced some of the newest members of our team and, in this issue, you can learn more about them in our new staff profile section. It is a great chance to get a behind-the-scenes understanding of the Export Council’s work.

Finally, don’t forget to read Tim ‘the Airport Economist’ Harcourt’s regular feature called Tim’s Tips. He takes a look at one of our most important trading partners, South Korea. Did you know former prime minister Bob Hawke launched the idea for APEC there back in the late 1980s? This laid the foundation for a solid relationship between Australia and Korea that continues to this day.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Alexandra Cain- Editor, International Business Today

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