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Air Cargo Exports to the USA

By Export Council of Australia · June 10, 2015

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The regulation of air cargo exports to the United States is about to become more complicated and, undoubtedly, more expensive.

The USA Transport Security Administration requires all cargo transported to the USA on a passenger aircraft to be screened, at piece level, for explosives. Screening is done by x-ray, explosive trace detection, metal detection or physical inspection. Cargo which has not been screened at piece level will not be uplifted on a USA-bound flight.

Australia’s current air cargo security arrangements do not meet that requirement. Consequently, the Office of Transport Security (OTS) within the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is proposing significant changes to the way in which those exports are regulated. This will affect exporters, freight service providers, airlines and airports. It has proposed a new Known Consignor scheme for exporters and a process to allow piece level screening by regulated freight forwarders. Goods which have been consolidated will need to be deconsolidated to piece level for screening.

The OTS has prepared the attached discussion paper describing the proposals and seeking input from exporters and freight forwarders.

The American Chamber of Commerce and the Export Council of Australia are jointly working to support their members on this important issue. The OTS discussion paper asks a number of specific questions and provides a feedback form. We ask that you review the discussion paper and provide the requested responses and feedback as a priority. Your response should be sent directly to the OTS at but please also copy it to the Chamber or Council as appropriate at or  

The OTS is moving very quickly to implement new procedures to ensure that trade can continue with minimal disruption – but it needs input from the exporting community to ensure the procedures are practical and cost-effective. Your prompt response will contribute to that process.

For further information, please contact Geoff Short at AmCham on 0411 360 265 or Lisa McAuley at the Export Council on 8243 7410.

Yours faithfully

Lisa McAuley

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