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ECA calls for the EMDG funding shortfall to be addressed

By Export Council of Australia · June 18, 2015

The ECA wrote to Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb calling for government to address the shortfall in funding for EMDG.

The ECA strongly supports the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) scheme, which since its introduction in 1974, has proven itself to be one of the most effective industry stimulus initiatives ever introduced by the Federal Government. The ECA (previously AIEx) is a long-time supporter of the scheme and has on numerous occasions provided submissions and evidence to government to support the scheme, especially given the positive impact EMDG has on Australian exporters.

The ECA, through the AIEx, was a major contributor to the last formal review of the scheme in 2008 and more recently contributed to the 2015 EMDG Review.

After some years of the program providing the full entitlement to the EMDG applicants, the ECA has been advised that this year there will be a shortfall of funding for the “2nd tranche” that is due for payment at the end of June.

It is important that the program is seen as reliable and consistent so that new exporters can plan and budget with confidence.

To view the ECA's letter, please download the attached pdf. 

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