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China Export Forum- unique sponsor opportunity with the ECA as part of a new web app

By Export Council of Australia · June 18, 2015

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The China Export Forum is a full day event highlighting the benefits and opportunities that small, medium and large enterprises can leverage through deeper export engagement with China.

The forum, hosted by the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) and the Export Council of Australia (ECA), will explore the rewards and challenges of exporting to China from the perspective of leading Australian and global exporters.

As part of the China Export Forum, the ACBC and ECA are developing an educational doing business in China app that will be made available to attendees prior to the event for free and will be available online through the ECA's app page and I-tunes after the event. We have a fantastic EOFY special for companies interested in being involved in the app development. 

If you are looking to promote your services, you can:

  • Providing content for the Doing Business Guide in China
  • Provide content as part of the development of the learning tool
  • Profiling their company as part of the app in the Directory of China experts
  • Providing  regular content updates on your area of expertise

Your organisation will have the opportunity to:

  • Include your logo and company profile as part of the web app
  • Include your logo and company profiled in all PR related activity to launch the app after the event
  • Include your ompany contact details in the directory of China experts

For further information on the sponsorship, please contact Kristen Mulligan at 02 8243 7400 or

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