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ECA launches China Export Forum App

By Export Council of Australia · July 06, 2015

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As part of the China Export Forum, the ACBC and ECA have also developed a practical educational app that is available for attendees to download for free NOW from both the I-Tunes and Android store.

Search for China Export Forum on either store and you will be able to download the app for free today! 

Download for iOS

Download for Android 

Following the event the ECA and ACBC will be updating the app with useful information for companies that will cover:

  • A directory of China experts
  • Video/ audio presentations from each panel session
  • Summaries of key learning's from each panel discussion
  • Overview of key market opportunities for Australian companies interested in China
  • Useful summary guide on doing business in China.
  • Exporting 101 checklists for doing business in China
  • Links to the ECA and ANZ FTA Tool
  • Networking guide

For further enquiries about the app, please contact Kristen Mulligan from the ECA on 02 8243 7400.

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