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The US Government considering to extend recognition of Australia’s NCSP

By Export Council of Australia · July 07, 2015

The US Government has indicated a willingness to consider extending recognition of Australia’s National Cargo Security Program (NCSP) over the period to July 2017.

Final agreement to such a timeframe will be contingent on Australia and the US Government agreeing to a number of stringent milestones for implementation of 100% piece-level examination for US-bound air cargo by July 2017.

In practical terms, this means that Australian businesses would have two years to reconfigure their operations to ensure they are meeting the US requirement for 100% piece-level examination of air cargo exports. After July 2017, all US-bound air cargo would have to either originate from a Known Consignor or be examined at piece-level, before it is loaded onto a passenger aircraft. 

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development will be working hard over the next two years to ensure that Australia’s exports to the US meet these requirements. While this extension will give us time to work together to develop and implement regulatory frameworks and operational procedures to achieve 100% piece-level examination of US-bound air cargo, it remains a large task in a short timeframe.  

Attached is a letter from the Secretary of the Department, providing further detail on these matters.

ECA and director Andrew Hudson has been closely involved in this issue.  The ECA is a member of the Cargo Working Group convened by the OTS and attends industry meetings and otherwise assists with the work of the OTS which is vital to exporters.  More recently as part of the “Washington Doorknock” conducted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia, Andrew Hudson was able to attend meetings with the US TSA to provide an industry perspective to the impact of the changes and seek additional time for those changes to be implemented.

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