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Why does Australia need to invest in exporting?

By Export Council of Australia · July 10, 2015

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Increasing trade and investment is absolutely crucial to unlocking Australia’s future economic growth, which is why the ECA embarked on a study to highlight the excellent trade promotion programs offered by 10 important exporting nations and the contributions they make to international best practice.

The ECA selected a broad range of countries based on their:

  • Export prowess,
  • The strong trade promotion services they offer their local business and
  • The lessons they may have for trade promotion organisations (TPOs) in Australia and around the world.

While not a complete evaluation of all TPOs around the world, this report does provide a solid foundation for understanding best practice and illustrates that the case for trade promotion organisations (TPOs) has never been stronger.

It is imperative that Australia looks at investing in long-term strategies that leverage best practice in trade promotion and create value for Australia. In doing so, Australia will be not only be creating the opportunities that support future growth for the economy, but will also expand Australia's business connections in the region.

Who would benefit from this publication?

This report is published for the benefit of those engaged in any activity related to international business and will be of particular interest to companies wanting to know more about the types of trade promotion support available in competitor markets.

This report will be of particular interest to:

  • Government and industry bodies engaged in providing trade promotion services
  • Companies engaged in international business
  • Students undertaking study into International Business, Commerce or related International Trade courses


The ECA will be launching the report as a PRINT report initially. The special launch price for the report is $50 plus GST. This offer will only be valid for the next 2 weeks.

Following the preliminary launch the following pricing for the printed book and e-publication will be:

  • e-publication: RRP: $ 50.99 USD plus GST
  • Print publication: RRP: $70.99 USD plus GST


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