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ANZ has pledged $3 Billion in Trade Lending to help Australian businesses expand overseas!

By Export Council of Australia · July 17, 2015

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ANZ has been a sponsor of the Export Council of Australia (ECA) for a number of years and have supported the ECA in delivering a number of projects, events and awards programs. Today the ECA is pleased to be able to let our members know that ANZ have pledged $3 billion in trade lending to help businesses, both big and small, expand overseas, with a focus on companies looking to trade with Asia.

The Australian economy relies not only on entrepreneurs, but also on proven businesses that are able to expand into new geographies or product and service areas. Australia has negotiated a number of significant free trade agreements with key trade partners and there is huge potential for the country to broaden the mix of its export base. In addition the ECA and ANZ have also recently launched a new website designed to help Australian exporters navigate the basics of Australia's Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) quickly and easily,

The ANZ $3 Billion Trade Lending Pledge is available to new and existing customers and ANZ is proud to offer dedicated trade specialists who can work with you to manage cash flow, currency and commitments.

To find out more visit or search ANZ Business Bankinger.

Take advantage of this great opportunity now!

Contact the ANZ Trade Finance Desk to arrange to speak with a product specialist, arrange a video conference or receive a Fact Sheet on Tops Tips for Expanding Overseas:

> Telephone: 1300 269 487

> Email:

All applications for credit are subject to ANZ's normal credit approval criteria.


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