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International Business Today: Spring 2015

By Export Council of Australia · August 17, 2015

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China will remain one of Australia’s most important trading partners for the foreseeable future. But there’s another Asian economic powerhouse emerging that is really starting to capture the attentions of local exporters.

I’m talking about India. This vast, complex and exciting country is undergoing a period of rapid development. There is extensive investment happening at the moment in infrastructure, including in roads, ports and railways networks. Plus, India is looking to the rest of the world for expertise and guidance when it comes to improving its capabilities in areas such as agriculture, hospitality and tourism, among many others.

Restrictions of foreign direct investment have also been relaxed. All this bodes well for the many Australian businesses keen to gain a foothold in this market, as you can read about in this issue.

We also explore an important new trend that is shaking up business as we know it. Known as ‘digital disruption’, every industry across the planet is being transformed by emerging business models based on new technologies that allow entire industries to provide their services quicker, cheaper and better.

The recent entrance of Netflix in Australia is one example. Consumers are turning in droves to this business, which allows people to watch entire TV series and movies ad-free, at a time of their choosing. It’s a confronting eventuality for free-to-air and pay TV stations.

But for exporters, the main message from the digital disruption trend is now is the time to consider how new technologies can make their businesses more efficient and competitive on global markets.

In this issue we also profile Glenn Keys, the co-founder of Aspen Medical, a real Australian export success story.

The company provides medical services to some of the most remote and challenging locations in the world. For instance, it delivered services in Africa during the recent Ebola outbreak for both the Australian and US governments.

Another exporter we profile in this issue in Ronstan, one of the leading suppliers of hardware to the boating industry. It’s just another example of how Australian businesses are dominating in such a diverse range of fields internationally.

There are also plenty of articles in our spring edition that deliver practical knowledge for exporters. For instance, Kim Mauch from CargoHound shares tips for keeping freight costs down. And Tea Dietterich has some great advice about trading conditions in Africa.

Our resident Airport Economist Tim Harcourt also has the inside running on doing business in China.


Alexandra Cain- Editor, International Business Today

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