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FTA's 101:How to practically navigate Australia’s FTA's

By Export Council of Australia · August 25, 2015

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AIBS 2015 data confirms that there is a lack of understanding of Free Trade Agreements by Australian exporters. 

The ECA thinks more can be done to raise awareness and improve the practical understanding of FTAs in the business community and is working to fill that gap.

In conjunction with ANZ Bank, the ECA has created an FTA Tool, which is designed to help Australian exporters navigate the basics of Australia's FTAs.

We are also pleased to today launch a new FTA workshop on how to grow your business internationally by leveraging Australia’s growing FTA network.

This short course is designed for SME’s interested in building their business internationally and exploring the potential opportunities from Australia’s many Free Trade Agreements. 


Inclusions: Workshop booklet and light lunch

Cost: ECA is also pleased to announce a special discount of 50% for all ECA members and associated industry alliance partners. 

For further information visit the AIEx website at:

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