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Build you resource library with a range of publications that provide you with essential tools

By AIEX · February 14, 2017

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The Australian Export Handbook and the Australian Import Handbook are the recognised authoritative publications in Australia on international trade. The handbooks are also resources for all of our face-to-face courses, and have online versions. Visit our publications portal for more info >

The ECA have a range of publications that provide you with essential tools for anyone involved in international business; practitioners, teachers and students alike.

Please see below an updated list of ECA publications:

Australian Import Handbook - 2nd Edition  * COMING SOON IN 2017: The Import Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the practical aspects of importing, essential reading for both experienced and those considering the business of importing.

Australian Export Handbook -21st Edition: The essential export tool kit is a comprehensive guide to practical aspects of exporting essential for both new and experienced exporters.

Advancing Trade Development: A Study into International Trade: This report is a descriptive review of the excellent trade promotion services offered by public agencies in 10 select countries. The report shares their experience and contributions to international best practice.

User's Handbook for Documentary Credits under UCP 600: The Users’ Handbook for Documentary Credits under UCP 600 is an introduction to users of letters of credits as well as to sellers and buyers who seek to increase their access to cross-border markets.

The Law of Letters of Credit in China: Chinese law is very complex and Chinese documentary credit law even more so, not only for practitioners outside China. This book sheds light on Chinese law on letters of credit and how LC disputes are resolved in Chinese courts.

International Commercial Transactions: In this publication Prof. Jan Ramberg, a renowned legal expert, gives a concise and lucid presentation of the legal framework as well as the commercial principles, rules and regulations surrounding cross-border transactions.

ICC UCP 600: ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits: 2007 Revision is delivered in the publication UCP 600. The UCP 600 guide is designed to help you understand the implications of UCP on documentary letters of credit.

ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects: International turnkey construction projects are often complex transactions, requiring correspondingly complex legal documentation. Moreover, many such major construction projects are an important element in international development.

ICC Model International Sale Contract: The ICC Model International Sale Contract is a time-saving tool for traders, business men, lawyers and all parties involved in important import/export- and cross-border sales transactions.

ICC Guide to Incoterms 2010: This ICC Guide to Incoterms® 2010 will help importers and exporters avoid costly misunderstandings by clearly defining the responsibilities of sellers and buyers for the delivery of goods.

ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement: The ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement and its stand-alone model confidentiality clause are designed to assist business people and lawyers by providing balanced, reliable models that can be used in business transactions across all borders.

For further information on how to purchase each publication, please go to:

Please note that for certain publications we do have limited stock.

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