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Your team : the secret ingredient for a successful expansion to Europe

By Exportia Australia · October 20, 2015

 In the 3rd part of our “Go to Europe” series, we discussed the importance of attending Trade shows to boost your sales. When back from your trips, you need your team to thoroughly follow up on the leads and actions.

Your team includes the people who carry out your mission and represent your company to the public including your future customers. Since they are so important, it is essential that you incorporate them into the exporting process.

1-Engage your team

As a CEO of a small business, it's often you who does the initial research and investigation in the European market. Therefore you need to get some help from your team, as you will be often on the road. To get support from your team in the export effort, show them how strategic it is to expand the sales in Europe for your business. Share your goals and targets with your team.
Small businesses have stretched resources and when you come back from a business trip you need to make sure you keep the momentum with prospective clients, organise a fast follow-up after the Trip.
Share that task with your team: for that they need to understand what is at stake.

2- Organise an excellent customer service

While you are travelling and starting to initiate interest in the European market, everybody in your team need to be ready to respond to potential European clients and know what's happening. Explain to your team, even if they don't meet the client face to face:

  • Who they are?
  • What do they do?
  • What do they need?

It just makes your team fully understand these clients and respond to them in an appropriate manner.
These two components are very important, as you generate leads in the European market: you want to make sure that European leads are converted into sales. For that, customer service needs to be excellent.

3- Your extended team : your ambassador

As you grow your presence in Europe through distributors and/or sales agents for example, this extended team should also be engaged. The way you do that is through regular training: give them some objectives, follow-up with them regularly. You also need to provide to them with the tools they need to grow your sales. These can be marketing material, some advertising, fast technical support to mention a few.
This extended team is important are they are the face of your business in the market.

Both internal and external team are equally important and are critical to your success in the European market.

 If you have any questions, we’d be happy to chat with you on Twitter or email. For more information, please visit our website, and stay tuned for next week’s article on Forecast.

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