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Once again, your views could change the landscape of International Business

By Export Council of Australia · November 30, 2015

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The Export Council of Australia (ECA) plays an active role in advocating on behalf of Australian exporters and importers.

A respected and influential voice on trade policy issues, the ECA is a non-partisan organisation with a mission to promote policies that support trade liberalisation and enhance the global competitiveness of Australian businesses.

The ECA’s work is driven by its membership and trade research undertaken with our partners and sponsors.   

As we enter the third year of Australia’s International Business Survey (AIBS) it is important to reflect on why your input is so valuable.

In the last year alone, the ECA has been able to use AIBS data to:

• Help guide the ECA’s trade policy activity and inform our trade policy recommendations. The government has adopted a number of the ECA’s recommendations, including and the need for more funding for FTA education and outreach.

• Push for the need to increase the number of applicants and funding for the EMDG Scheme as part of the ECS’s submission to the 2015 EMDG Review. 

• Represent the services sector by stressing the importance of services exports and the need to strategically address barriers to growth at a sector specific level.

• Support the entry into force of Australia’s most recent trade agreements by demonstrating the importance of the respective markets to Australia’s international business community. The ECA has provided submissions to parliamentary inquiries regarding the following trade agreements:

  • Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA)
  • KAFTA Customs Bills,
  • Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA)
  • JAPEA Customs Bills,
  • China Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA): this continues to be more and more important

• Provide insightful information on the level of AIBS respondent’s general awareness and understanding of Australia’s FTAs, which reinforced the need for the development of a free online tool that was subsequently developed by the ECA: FTA Tool (

 • Provide unique insights into the barriers faced in AIBS respondents’ top export markets, which has helped the ECA prioritise the creation of various skills development tools and educational events, evidence of this can already be found on the ECA’s new website under business tools.

Promoting trade liberalisation as a means to foster economic growth and ensure Australia's long term prosperity is important to the ECA.

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