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e-Commerce in China 101: Is YOUR business ready for the China e-commerce boom?

By Export Council of Australia · February 02, 2016

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E-commerce is the world’s fastest growing retail channel, globally valued at USD$16.2 trillion.

In 2014, global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce exceed $15 trillion, with more than three-quarters dominated by exporters from the USA, UK, Japan and China.

Emerging opportunities also exist in the business-to-consumer (B2C) segment, which appears to be growing faster than B2B, particularly in Asia and Africa, with sales currently exceeding $1.2 trillion. 

China has emerged as the world’s largest B2C market by number of online buyers and revenue, and is the market triggering the rapid change in this sector. Additionally with the China Australia FTA (CHAFTA) coming in this December, the reduced tariffs on Australian products will improve competitiveness.

Who should attend?

The Export Council of Australia’s “E-commerce 101” workshop is a practical one day course tailored specifically to companies looking at the opportunities of e-commerce in China to grow their business.

This practical workshop will cover:

  •  Export planning for e-commerce: before you embark on this exciting opportunity it is important to evaluate the market, including who’s who in the China e-commerce market.
  • Understanding the role of suppliers for e-commerce: many indiviudals and companies may approach you, but it is very important to undertake due dilligence and ensure you are working with legitimate businesses who are the right fit and prepared to pay the right price.
  • Preparing your product for e-commerce: including production management, packaging, branding, sizing, use by dates, labeling requirements & import requirements.
  • Managing international logistics for e-commerce: don’t expect to rely on your freight forwarder entirely, all companies have a duty of responsibility to understand how to manage their logistics and supply chains. This module will also cover using fulfilment outlets in country, or local options.
  • Managing international trade risk for e-commerce: it is imperative that companies still undertand the basic mechanisms of managing international trade risk. This module will cover the importance of contracts, Incoterms, insurance and payment terms as part of selling through e-commerce channels, and your liability.
  • Financial management for ecommerce: what happens if your business takes off? Have you considered the impact on having to scale production? Have you considered how to finance the opportunity, navigate getting paid and payment collection, manage currency and exchange risk payment methods?
  • International pricing for e-commerce: it is imperative that before you jump into any new market or market channel you set the right price. Correctly pricing for international markets will ensure that you not only cover the additional costs involved in cross-border trade, but that you are not over valuing your potential sales revenue. Just remember, it is difficult to go back and re-price once you have launched in a new market.
  • Protecting and managing your Intellectual Property for e-commerce: protecting your brand will safeguard your future sales revenue opportunities. China is a first-to-file jurisdiction, and you should also consider registration in both English and Mandarin
  • Marketing for ecommerce: understanding your requirements to market successfully and leverage the opportunities of ecommerce. This module will also take you through the different social media channels used in China and how important they can be in driving your success. Don’t rely on someone else to market your product!  

The ECA will include the following educational resources:

  • Workshop folder, including presentation slides
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Useful Fact Sheets and checklists
  • Access to ECA’s “Doing Business in China” app as a downloadable business resource
  • Access to ECA’s “Shanghai Free Trade Zone” app as a downloable business resource

Course length: One day


Further information

For further information regarding this course please contact the Australian Institute of Export on 1300 361 526  or e-mail: or contact your State Manager.

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