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Demystifying Korea Research Report

By Export Council of Australia · February 02, 2016

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The Korea Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA) levels the playing field with our international competitors in Korea, Australia’s fourth largest trading partner. It provides a foundation for Australian exporters to expand their engagement and access new opportunities in the Korean services sector.

In our Demystifying Korea report, we explore how KAFTA unlocks new opportunities for Australian service exporters, an important achievement considering our services trade with Korea trails our trade in goods by a wide margin. KAFTA allows Australia service exporters to compete with service providers from around the world on an even keel – especially those from the US, Canada and the EU, who all enjoy their own FTAs with Korea.

The Export Council of Australia (ECA) encourages greater Australian engagement in the Korean services sector, and our report is aimed at providing business with a resource to help understand both the opportunity, as well as the challenges they may face along the way.

Our Demystifying Korea report includes:

• An overview of professional, financial, education and other service sector opportunity in Korea;
• An overview of Korea’s services sector, as well as some of the challenges to be aware of in being a foreign service provider in the market;
• Commentary from the field and advice on both challenges and opportunities in the market from businesses operating there. 

Who would benefit from this publication?

• CEOs and Directors
• International Business Development Managers
• Government bodies 
• Industry professionals
• Academics and students

The ECA’s APP examines these issues in the context of professional, financial, educational and other service sectors.
  • If you are accessing this on an Apple device, the app can be downloaded here.
  • If you are accessing this on an Android device, the app can be downloaded here
In addition the ECA has launched the FTA Tool ( which provides useful information on not only KAFTA but all of the FTA agreements Australia has in place.

Cost: The publication is $30.00 AUD plus GST

This report was made possible by our partners the Australia-Korea Foundation and Austrade.

Publication details:

• Publisher: Export Council of Australia
• Publication date: December 2015


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