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Export Process: Getting the Documentation Right

By Export Council of Australia · December 21, 2015

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Stage 2: Export Process - Understanding the Nuts and Bolts

Preparation of export documentation can be confusing, time consuming, costly and, unfortunately, prone to human error, but correct export documentation is vital for any exporter to transact business in an efficient and cost effective way.

The ECA has developed a one-day workshop for companies looking to not only understand export documentation requirements but who are also looking for assistance in training up their team to process documentation correctly and efficiently.  
Generally, several parties are involved in the preparation and processing of export and customs documents: your business, the bank, the insurance company and the transport company. Understandably, the process can be quite complicated to navigate.

The common objective for any international business must be accuracy and efficiency in the preparation of their documentation and this workshop will help you to understand your requirements and responsibilities in detail.

The workshop is hands-on and we encourage attendees to bring in their documents and have these reviewed by an expert at the end of the session.

Key Topics - Getting the Documentation Right

The workshop will cover in detail how to prepare the following documentation, including compliance with Australian Government requirements:
  • Commercial documents
  • Transport documents
  • Documents required by importing country authorities
  • Documents required by Australian Authorities
  • Special Documentation
  • Letters of Credit: what are they and how to use them

    Who should attend?

    This practical workshop is tailored specifically to companies wanting to up-skill their team in export documentation requirements to ensure they are across all areas. This course will provide hands-on experience preparing export documentation.

    What is involved?

    During the one day workshop, companies will also have an opportunity to bring their own documentation along. There will be time allocated to go through your documentation with our documentation expert!

    Course Materials

    All participants will receive:

    • Workshop folder and resource kit
    • Certificate of attendance
    Participants are also provided with writing materials.

    To register for the workshop,  please see dates and links below:

    Further information

    For further information regarding this course please contact the Australian Institute of Export on 1300 361 526  or e-mail: or contact your State Manager.

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