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ECA launches new education programs for 2016!

By Export Council of Australia · December 29, 2015

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The ECA has redeveloped our educational offerings to create more value for our members, we will be doing this through the development of programs and services that focus on building the capacity and capability of companies to engage in international trade and create a clear pathway of learning for anyone engaged in International Trade.

We are pleased to announce the following NEW WORKSHOPS and EVENTS are now available

Stage 1: Preparing your business to be export ready

The ECA encourages all companies to take the time to invest in export capability training so that you can confidently and actively pursue global opportunities, this is why we have specifically developed the below workshops to help you prepare your business to become export ready.

  • Event: Speed Networking for New Exporters: Your export journey: Enrol for the frequent flyer programme! 
  • Workshop 1: Taking your business to the world. Preparing your business to be export ready. 
  • Workshop 2: Resourcing your export push. 
  • Workshop 3: e-Commerce in China 101: Is YOUR business ready for the China e-commerce boom? 
Please go to for more information

Stage 2: Preparing your business to be export ready

  • Workshop 1: Getting the documentation paperwork right! 
  • Workshop 2: Pricing for International Success
  • Workshop 3: Managing your international freight risks
  • Workshop 4: Financing for Global Growth
  • Workshop 5: Growing Your Business Offshore * launches late January 2016
Please go to for more information

Stage 3: International Market Growth (launching early 2016)

Stage 4: Trade Policy workshop: Advancing Trade Development in Australia

In 2016 the ECA is launching a new workshop for those interested in not only getting a deeper understanding of the ECA’s trade policy work but also provides a conduit for industry, business and government to get together to discuss key trade policy decisions going forward that could affect your business. 

Please go to for more information

International Business Tools to help your global growth!

  • Advancing Trade Development
  • Shanghai Free Trade Zone
  • FTA Tool
  • Demystifying Korea
  • Doing Business in China
  • Mexico: Reform & opportunity
  • Financing for Global Growth


International Trade Publications – some light reading over the Xmas break!

  • Australian Import Handbook
  • Australian Export Handbook.
  • User's Handbook for Documentary Credits under UCP 600
  • The Law of Letters of Credit in China
  • International Commercial Transactions
  • ICC UCP 600
  • ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects
  • ICC Model International Sale Contract
  • ICC Guide to Incoterms 2010
  • ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement
  • Shanghai Free Trade Zone & Australia report
  • Demystifying Korea report


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