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FTA training to boost economic growth

By Export Council of Australia · March 10, 2016

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The Export Council of Australia (ECA) applauds the Australian Government’s Free Trade

Agreement Training Provider Grants program and as one of Australia’s leading providers of International Trade Skills we are pleased to partner with the Australia China Business Council to help deliver aspects of this enterprising initiative.

A result of the 2015 Australian International Business Survey, stated that 34% of companies identified that China was the most demanded FTA for Australian companies. Now we have China, Japan, and Korea FTAs in force support it’s absolutely vital for Australian businesses to navigate the agreements and obtain a complete understanding of the benefits.

Chief Executive Officer for the ECA Lisa McAuley says trade is a key factor of Australia’s economic growth opportunities. Building capabilities and capacities will encourage confidence in the workforce with statistics already showing that 1 in 5 jobs are related to trade.

“Last year in collaboration with ANZ the ECA launched the FTA Tool, a website designed to help Australian exporters to navigate the basics of Australia’s Free Trade Agreements quickly and easy.”

“Companies have the ability to search either by country (FTA) or by industry. The site also provides a quick and easy reference to FTAs in general, as well as an easy doing business guide,” Ms McAuley said.

The ECA has long identified that there is a need to address the following when it comes to companies utilising FTA’s:

  • A lack of awareness in general within the SME community on how to engage with FTA’s for long term export growth
  • A lack of knowledge on how to utilise an FTA
  • A lack of SME friendly information on the benefits of FTAs for particular industry sectors
  • A lack of educational resources available for SMEs on how to practically engage with FTA’s

The ECA is extremely pleased that Australia China Business Council has received funding to develop a series of practical education seminars to assist companies to understand ChAFTA.

As one of the leading experts in Australia on how to practically understand FTA’s, the ECA is looking forward to partnering with Australia China Business Council to deliver these important seminars over the next two years.  

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