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In a global world ALL business is global

By Export Council of Australia · March 23, 2016

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Whether you are competing with the world’s best to win international contracts or facing increasing global competition at home, it is critical for business leaders to understand the skills and competencies needed to go global. 

In our 50 plus years of training, the Export Council of Australia (ECA) has worked with a number of companies big and small to help answer the tough questions – Are we export ready? What are incoterms? Where do I find a logistics expert quickly? and one of the worst, My buyer seems to have gone missing, how will I get paid? 

Our Educational Pathway takes businesses from the stage of just getting started on to conquering new markets. The Educational Pathway structure provides an articulated learning pathway that ensures that participants gain practical skills and knowledge of procedures associated with international business. 

With this in mind we have listed some top tips for businesses looking to go global or those just starting out on the journey: 

Ask yourself and your staff - are you ready to go global? Is your business prepared to work in an international environment? What are the skills needed to plan, lead and execute your international strategy? What risks and challenges could your product or service face in international markets?  How can you mitigate those risks?

Be informed and learn from others - speak to people who have been there and done that. This involves plugging in to export groups either online or through various networking events and seminars held by government and industry and of course the ECA.  

Consider the appropriate training. Think about who in your company should be trained on export procedures, what about financing, compliance, international marketing and sales? There is no such thing as too much knowledge.

Prepare your product/service for export. Find out exactly what the requirements are for your goods/service in your chosen international market. Things like packaging and marketing material may need to be created specifically for your export market. This could involve translation of product and promotional material into the relevant language, and making adjustment as to adhere to customs regulations in that market.

Do your due diligence. When engaging with potential buyers or distributors, at the very least do a basic search to see if they are legitimate and trustworthy.   

Be patient and never give up! There is a whole world of opportunities, but to reach them will take some perseverance. 

Upcoming Public Workshops for April:

Marketing for International Growth

 Date: Wed, 20th April

Venue: Sydney CBD

Times: 9:00- 2:00pm

Register: Click here to register

Getting Ready for Export – Are you Ready to Go Global


  • Date: Tue, 12th April  
  • Venue: Melbourne, CBD                   
  • Times: 9:00 – 2:00pm
  • Register: Click here to register


  • Date: Tue, 19th April  
  • Venue: Brisbane, CBD           
  • Times: 9:00 – 2:00pm
  • Register: Click here to register


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If you are new to international business, taking on new challenges globally and need assistance, or would like to upskill in new areas, please contact to learn about our workshops and how we are working with MSM!

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