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Determining new markets and market feasibility

By Export Council of Australia · June 05, 2016

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Determining which markets, and to what extent a market can support export growth can be a real challenge. Getting it right the first time makes all the difference when time and resources are limited. It can often be one of the hardest things you have to manage as an exporter. 

However, there are key strategies to selecting and understanding markets, and developing products that maximise value to customers and sales potential. 

Hear Dan Hansen from MSM Sales Specialists and our export case study talk about how you can effectively implement research, strategies and design thinking to understand the feasibility of an offshore market, and to ensure this market will support the growth you are looking for across your business. 

Together they will delve into the key questions of, and discuss: 

  • The ways an Australian business can research and understand a potential target market   
  • How an exporter can be more effective in targeting new markets and why this is important   
  • How design thinking can be an effective tool to understanding a potential target market  
  • How a real life exporter has done this within their own company  
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