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Brand new Supply Chain Security course

By Export Council of Australia · November 14, 2016

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Security of international trade came into sharp focus following the terrorist attacks on the United States in September 2001. This course provides an overview of the international and regional responses to security threats in the international trading environment, and also looks at the specific supply chain security requirements that industry is required to meet in the post-2001 environment. 

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Please note that this course is not- accredited. 

The following subjects are addressed:

  • Background to international Supply Chain Security initiatives
  • Overview of International Responses: 
    1. World Customs Organization (WCO)
    2. USA and Other regional response
  • WCO SAFE Framework of Standards and national implementation: 
    1. Authorized Economic Operator concept, including obligations and benefit
    2. Mutual Recognition agreements
  • The role of Business in Securing International Trade: 
    1. physical security of buildings and premises
    2. security of cargo
    3. transport security
    4. personnel vetting
    5. protection of information systems
    6. third party relationships. 

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