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Trade compliance

By Export Council of Australia · July 29, 2016

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The ECA has launched the ‘Trade Compliance’ page as a tool for businesses to access the latest updates from the World Trade Organisation, Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and other agencies.

The ECA hopes to help businesses navigate regulatory developments and promote compliance across the supply chain.

Given the complex and rapidly changing nature of the global economy, it is imperative that industry remain informed of regulatory changes affecting Australian exporters. A failure to comply with regulations may result in sanctions such as infringement notices and other penalties.

The ECA will update exporters on legislative changes affecting product requirements and standards, changes to biosecurity standards, anti-dumping and countervailing measures, customs, export controls and sanctions.

Useful tools and links

e-Ping: Free website e-Ping provides businesses and government with up to date information on regulations affecting export markets around the world. e-Ping allows users to search all World Trade Organisation (WTO) notifications relating to product requirements and standards. To subscribe to alerts visit

DIBP: The Department of Immigration and Border Protection publishes information on Australian Customs Notices (ACNs), Australian Customs Dumping Notices (ACDNs) and Australian Customs Cargo Advices (ACCAs) providing updates on the status of sea and air cargo. To stay up to date with Customs notices and other regulatory changes affecting industry visit

For information pertaining to Goods Compliance visit:

DAWR: The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources provides assistance for businesses to understand the export controls placed on exporting goods from Australia. For information on export documentation and specific requirements for certain commodities visit:

DEC: Defence Export Controls regulates the export of defence and dual-use goods. For guidance on compliance with Australia’s export control requirements visit:

The Australian Export Handbook is a useful tool for anyone wishing to understand trade compliance in more detail. 

Understand how policy changes to regulation and compliance impact your business:

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