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TPP to counter protectionism: Hudson

By Export Council of Australia · September 27, 2016

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Yesterday, ECA Director, Mr Andrew Hudson represented the ECA at the parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Treaties. The following extract is from an article written by the Australian:

The landmark Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement would be a “counterweight” to the rising tide of protectionism, a peak industry body for exporters has declared.

Export Council of Australia director Andrew Hudson also cautioned that if Australia failed to ratify the huge trade deal, it would “assist those who have this increasing anti-trade rhetoric”.

Yesterday Mr Hudson told the parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Treaties that the World Trade Organisation had warned about new trade restrictions imposed by G20 countries.

“There’s also been a lot of anti-trade rhetoric or anti-free trade rhetoric going around, not just in the United States but throughout other parts of the world as well,” said Mr Hudson, who is also on the board of the Food and Beverage Importers of Australia.

“Even on that level the TPP would operate as a counterweight to that and would provide significant benefits.”

The comments come after Malcolm Turnbull has pushed for the TPP to be ratified during the “lame-duck” period of Barack Obama’s presidency, despite the rhetoric against free trade from the Greens, Nick Xenophon Team and One Nation here. 

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