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Pricing for Import Success

By ECA SKILLS · June 12, 2017

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One of the challenges any company faces when looking to import is negotiating the right price to ensure sufficient margin when on-selling. There are many costs to take into account, including securing a reliable source of supply, quality control, market visits, finance and foreign exchange. 

Getting your international pricing strategy right for importing is crucial to the success of your business; it is difficult to go back and renegotiate your price once you’ve agreed on terms with your supplier.

This course will help prepare you to evaluate all the factors needed when setting your international price.

Topics include:
  • Incoterms® 2010 
  • International costing 
  • Risk management 
  • Managing your foreign exchange risk 
  • International sales contracts 
  • Negotiating with your supplier 
Who should attend?
This half-day course is practical and interactive. It is designed for purchasing managers, import managers, and business owners.
All participants will receive:
  • Booklet with exercises and template 
  • Template export costing worksheet 
  • Certificate of completion

Book online for SYDNEY - 11 July.
Book online for MELBOURNE - 12 July. 

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