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Supply Chain Security Compliance

By ECA SKILLS · May 29, 2017

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This course introduces participants to a methodology for systematically ensuring the effectiveness of systems, procedures and controls designed to maintain security within international supply chains. 

The course has been specifically designed to equip Australian companies with the knowledge and skills to comply with the supply chain security aspects of the Australian Trusted Trader Program (ATT). It is presented in a way that mirrors the structure of the Australian Border Force ATT Self-Assessment Questionnaire. 

On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to

  • Identify the various elements of an international supply chain 
  • Understand the nature of risks to supply chain security 
  • Ascertain the effectiveness of different risk mitigation strategies 
  • Implement appropriate and effective security measures at each point in the supply chain 
  • Understand the compliance process and the information required to achieve and maintain ATT accreditation

The course is presented in a practical workshop format. It employs an extensive use of scenarios, practical exercises and case studies, to illustrate and demonstrate key points, thereby facilitating the application of acquired knowledge and skills in the workplace. 

Topics include

  • The Nature of International Supply Chains 
  • Security Risks and their Mitigation 
  • Information & Communications Technology 
  • Security of Business Premises 
  • Goods Receipt and Processing 
  • Goods Storage, Packing and Dispatch 
  • Container Security 
  • Transportation of goods 
  • Third Party Security 
  • Personnel Security 

All participants will receive:

  • Booklet with exercises template 
  • Certificate of completion

Book online for SYDNEY - 29 June.
Book online for MELBOURNE - 30 June.

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