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China's Belt and Road Forum

By THE HON. STEVEN CIOBO MP · May 14, 2017

THE HON. STEVEN CIOBO MP <span>&copy; </span>


Today I will attend China’s Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) in Beijing.

The BRF is a key event for China, showcasing its signature economic and strategic policy, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which aims to support regional connectivity and infrastructure in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Europe.

Through a number of significant initiatives, the Turnbull Government is investing heavily in building the economic infrastructure needed to unlock our nation’s fullest potential. Australia supports the aims of initiatives such as Belt and Road that improve infrastructure development and increase investment opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.

I look forward to hearing President Xi and Premier Li speak exploring the commercial opportunities BRI presents for Australian businesses.

Australian companies have significant expertise and experience in infrastructure construction, so I will be working to identify projects for Australian businesses that address the serious infrastructure shortfalls across our region. These projects could be worth hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade. Australian private sector involvement in such projects will help create Australian jobs.

At BRF I will also speak on a panel looking at energising two-way investment. Free investment flows and market-led productive investment are key to maximising regional growth and creating more Australian jobs.

From Beijing I will travel to Hong Kong where I will meet my counterpart, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Greg So.

While in Hong Kong I also will meet a range of significant investors to promote Australia as an attractive destination for investment. 

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siphona kimson wrote about 1 month ago

China is boosting it's business all around the world with full interest. We can improve further for many projects and this growth is really helpful for the under developed countries. So here i and read many interesting ideas.


johnson lopp wrote 29 days ago

 This can be what is official letter for business dealing. To improve more jobs facilities we just need to cover busness opportunities. I just hope people can gain such chances.


jimy tomy wrote 26 days ago

These companies are offering many offers and this site will provide you all about such things. This is really awesome to know about business.

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