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First Uruguayan commercial mission to Australia


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For the first time Uruguay will be represented in the Australian roadshow (that will take place between May 22-26) by the Uruguayan trade agency Uruguay XXI. The Uruguayan official commercial delegation will be attending Latin American Infrastructure forum 2017 in Melbourne (May 22-24) followed by a two day visit to Sydney (May 25-26). The delegation is also promoting meetings with companies and chambers to discuss the synergies and opportunities that Latin America, and particularly Uruguay, presents for Australian businesses. The business delegation is led by Uruguay XXI (Uruguay’s private-public trade and investment promotion agency), the Investment Agency for the Department (Province) of Canelones and accompanied by the Uruguayan based advisory firm Hughes & Hughes.

Key areas

Infrastructure and logistics are one of the key areas for promotion considering Uruguay’s unique profile as a regional logistics hub and the ambitious government investment portfolio in infrastructure for the period 2015-2020, which includes roads, railways and social infrastructure (namely schools and health facilities).

Moreover, with a long term tradition of agricultural production, the agribusiness sector of Uruguay remains as a permanent source of opportunities. In particular, a diverse basket of agricultural export products presents wide similarities with Australian production, providing an opportunity to complement Australian production to provide for buyers overseas. Other key areas are ICT, global services and tourism.

Why Uruguay? Strategic location – clear rules – long term perspective

Uruguay is strategically located between South America’s biggest economies (Argentina and Brazil), playing an historical role of gateway to their markets which was further strengthened through the common market known as MERCOSUR (which provides free access to other relevant markets of Latin America).

Two of its main ports, Montevideo and Nueva Palmira, are located at the end of the Parana-Paraguay-Uruguay river system which together with a developed land routes airports assures a prompt and fluid connection to the region.

Uruguay has gained international recognition as a reliable country with high transparency. Thanks to its solid political and social stability, supported by a long-established democracy and strong legal certainty, Uruguay consistently remains at the top of the main rankings. 

The favorable investment environment and its sustained economic growth in the past 14 years have positioned Uruguay as a reliable and attractive destination for foreign investors. In addition, the legal and regulatory frameworks provide multiple facilities for investors.

Human resources are multilingual and qualified, with highly competitive wages. Uruguay stands out for its high quality and accessibility to basic, technical and university level education; as well as for the flexibility and ease of Uruguayan workers to adapt to new production and technology processes.

Due to its strategic location, strong institutions and good track record, Uruguay has developed a strong reputation as a hub for operations, global services and a test bench for businesses with broader regional aspirations.

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