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Sunshine Coast Export Networking Event

By Richelle Ward · May 18, 2017

Brought to you by Sunshine Coast Council in partnership with Westpac, join us for a free, informative and fun networking event where you can mingle with businesses and support agencies at every stage of the export development pathway. 

Come and find out about the 2017 Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards and hear from the 2016 Queensland Exporter of the Year, SmartCap Technologies.


Whether your company is large or small, by winning an export award, you gain the opportunity to significantly raise your company’s profile, be exposed to valuable business and networking opportunities, and be honoured for your hard work and success before the who’s who of the Queensland international trade community.


DATE.    Thursday 25 May 2017

TIME.    4:30pm to 6.30pm

VENUE. The Lakehouse
Brightwater Hotel, 15 Freshwater St, Mountain Creek

RSVP.  Register online by Wednesday 24 May 2017

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