Friday, Feb. 24, 2017

Market Updates

Brazil - EPI political uncertainty index

The granting of terms of sales is a commonplace practice in Brazil. Nearly all of companies in the sample (97 %) offer this possibility to their clients. This strategy is driven by market competition, as a surprisingly low number of respondents...


The Philippines is our smallest trading partner among ASEAN’s six biggest economies. Australia’s total trade with the Philippines is less than one-third of our trade with Vietnam, for example. Download ASEAN Connected report for...


• Since peaking in 2011, South Africa’s growth performance has been in constant decline
• Financial and retail services are resilient but domestic economics have suffered from prolonged crises in agriculture and mining


• Coface forecasts that Turkey’s economy will grow by 2.5% in 2016 and 2.7% in 2017
• Government spending is expected to be one of the key growth drivers in 2017
• Currency risks and the persistent current account deficit are...


 • France is one of the leaders in collaborative economics in Europe, with more than 50 companies in this field

• Prior to 2012, an imbalance between supply and demand in traditional sectors. Situation of near monopoly for...

Sector Risk Assessment

Sector assessments revised in 6 global regions

Global sector risks in precarious balance

• Mixed global sector trends
• Four sectors downgraded in North America: retail, textiles/clothing, transportation and paper/wood

Development of insolvencies, by sector, in the first eight months of 2016 (year-to-date, in percent), as well as in the total year 2015 (change from 2014, in per cent)

The signs for Germany’s further economic development are promising, with a high level of stability. Coface’s expectations for solid growth therefore come as little surprise. This year’s gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to...


The WTO is currently drafting a discussion paper on trade barriers and anti-protectionism for the G20. The WTO and the G20 presidency have invited the B20 presidency to draft a short text on businesses' view that may be included in the WTO...

Mexico: More Difficult Times Ahead

In the secondquarter of 2016, seasonally adjusted activity decelerated to 1.5%, down from the 2.5% (year-on-year/YoY) reported in the previous period.

Industry, which shrank by 1.5% in Q2 compared to Q1, was the main contributor to this weak...


Since the launch of Abenomics in early 2013, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) has been aggressively easing its monetary policy, commonly known as “the first arrow of Abenomics”. These measures have included the introduction of...

Currency Outlook

Global Currency Outlook: Fed in focus

Financial markets have recently been dominated by the US election with every twist and turn of the polls driving US dollar valuations.

Over the next month, however, the focus will likely shift to the US...


As a regular shipper to and/or from China, we wish to advise that there may be delays for all freight travelling to Australia and New Zealand out of Shanghai (PVG) over the coming three months.

Shanghai Customs will be physically inspecting all...

Fit to Win plan to transform Coface

Coface has lauched their Fit to Win plan and is set to transform the world leading credit insurer into the most agile global trade credit partner in the industry, while evolving to a more efficient capital model.

Xavier Durand, CEO of Coface,...

Coface Economic Publications

China’s economy grew by 6.9% in 2015, the slowest expansion pace in 25 years. Growth should continue to slow in 2016 and 2017, and will probably undershoot the government’s average annual growth target of 6.5% - as set out in the 13th...

UAE Panorama

The UAE is the most diversified economy within the Gulf region.

Although the hydrocarbon sector remains the backbone of the UAE’s economy, the large contribution made by non-hydrocarbon activities to gross domestic product is mitigating the...

Sub-Saharan Africa: hit but not sinking

Heavily impacted by the Chinese slowdown and the fall in commodity prices, sub-Saharan Africa posted its lowest level of growth since 2008. 15 countries, including several that have been severely impacted by cri-ses, show significant potential in...

Country Risk Baromenter Q2 2016

The world's three largest economies have been affected by aggravated credit risk: after the downgrade of Japan to A2 last March, it is now the turn of the United States and China, downgraded to A2 and B respectively.

In China, despite stable...


29 June | 4pm to 5pm (AEST)

The Victorian Government Trade and Investment Office London, in association with UK Trade & Investment invite you to participate in an interactive session on the opportunities for Victorian food and beverage...


With just a couple of weeks to go before the EU Referendum takes place in the U.K., on June 23, the nation is still seemingly on a knife’s-edge as to whether or not it will make the so-called “Brexit” and leave the EU. The...

Coface Economic Publications

Brazil is in the midst of a perfect storm. The enduring political crisis and deep economic recession, which led to the collapse of confidence indexes, have now been topped by an impeachment trial of President Dilma Rousseff. No significant...